Oct 21 2013

Vim Plugins

vim programming

I’ve been recently using three (technically four) Vim plugins that have been immensely helpful with development.


Vundle is a package manager for Vim that simplifies installing Vim packages. Most of the time you just put a github repo on a ‘Bundle’ line in your vimrc and Vundle handles the rest.


Easymotion is a plugin to help you visualize Vim’s navigation easier. I have it bound to \, and if I type \w it will highlight all the places ‘w’ would take me and replaces those locations with a letter to jump to. This works for all motion commands. It’s easier to show than explain, but if you’ve always struggled memorizing how b and w work, easymotion helps a ton.


Tagbar is a plugin which opens a small window that shows all the definitions in your source file. This can help when navigating a file that references a function many times (and normal search gets annoying to step through). I have this bound to \\, and automatically start with / so I can start typing and it will jump to the definition matching the search.

You Complete Me

YCM is the closest you will get to an IDE within Vim. I normally despise IDEs, but YCM gets out of your way and surfaces helpful information while you’re typing. It’s quite intelligent.

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